Website Malware 
Removal & Protection

Repair and restore hacked websites before it damages 
your website’s reputation. We offer a 30-day money-back 
guarantee because we know we can help. 
Remove Website Malware
We safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database. We restore your site completely.
Remove Blocklist Status
Websites with security warnings lose 95% of their traffic. We submit blocklist removal requests on your behalf.
Repair SEO Spam
SEO spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Make sure your website looks right in search engines
Prevent Future Attacks
Our website firewall (WAF) blocks attacks by filtering malicious traffic. We stop hacks and speed up your site.

How We Remove Website 
Malware & Viruses

Experienced Security 

Our dedicated researchers monitor active malware campaigns. With a trained team of analysts, we aim to provide the best malware removal service around.

Automatic and Manual Cleanups

We use scripts and tools to quickly scan your website for malware. Our analysts check your site manually too. No hack is too complex for our incident response team.

Fast Response 

If you need the fastest response possible, we have your back. Choose a plan that fits your needs. Chat with us to learn about our one-time priority cleanup service.

Unlimited Cleanups

We love complex malware infections, and you’ll never pay more for them. Each plan covers your website for a year, including unlimited cleanups, pages, and databases.

Reliable Support

Consider us an extension of your team. With professional security analysts available 24/7/365, you never have to worry about dealing with a hacked site.

Platform Agnostic

Your site is a perfect fit for Internet Pages, whether you use a CMS or not. We fix any website malware infection and specialize in open-source content management systems.

Malware Removal Process


Malware Removal Request
We connect to your site using your login credentials for FTP/SSH, cPanel, or your hosting provider. If your website has been taken offline, we can clean the website files and database locally.


Initial Baseline Scanning
The Incident Response Team immediately runs several scripts to understand your environment. If we find any vulnerable software on your server, we’ll walk you through how to update it.


Quarantine and Backup Files
We automatically log every file we touch and keep secure backups before making changes. We keep in touch with you during the cleanup and provide a complete report of everything we find.


Total Removal and Review
Our experienced security analysts and research-driven tools keep us on top of emerging threats and security issues. Once your website is clean, we submit review requests to remove blocklists.

Best Practices After Removing 
Website Malware

Update Your Site
Make sure your website software has no known security advisories. Fix all identified security issues. Our team will offer specific recommendations.
Run Antivirus Programs
Some computer viruses jump into websites across rich text editors and FTP clients. Secure your computer to make sure your website stays safe.
Change Passwords
We will automatically prompt you to do this across your site, CMS, host, and database to secure any potentially compromised user accounts.
Configure Monitoring
The platform website monitoring and scanning system informs you of any unwanted changes to your website content, DNS records, and SSL certificate.
Make Website Backups
A clean website backup can save the day. Our team can provide guidance or you can upgrade your plan to include affordable website backups.
Activate WAF and CDN
Activating the web application firewall keeps hackers out, while our content delivery network improves availability and page load time.


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