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Are you troubled by the lesser or declining number of visitors on your website? Is your bounce rate constantly going up? Are you losing your hard-earned SERP rankings? Chances are that your WordPress website’s slow speed and laggy performance is turning people away from your website. We can help you speed up your WordPress website so that you can increase or regain your visitors and SERP rankings.
wordpress speed optimization

Why is site speed important?

If you’re on this page you’re probably having some sort of issue with your website loading slowly or are looking to speed it up as much as possible.
They’ve indicated that site speed will play an even bigger role in their SEO and organic algorithm moving forward in the future.
I’m sure you’re well aware and I don’t even need to tell you, if a website is slow to load you’ll pretty quickly lose patience and go elsewhere. Your own website is no different.
It’s hard to disagree with the fact that a slow loading website has a huge negative impact on the overall performance of your business, brand and your bottom line.
Your Google rankings, your Adwords and Facebook ads, and all the leads that come through your website are tied to the speed and user experience of your website. At Internet Pages Fix we fix slow loading websites as well as tune fast websites to get them loading as fast as possible.
Improving site speed is relatively straightforward and at the high level involves a review of the current state of the site and the implementation of a set of site speed and technical best practices. The implementation of some simple recurring maintenance processes will also ensure your site loads fast into the future.

How Can We Help You?

Test your site speed
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Get a FREE site speed audit
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The WordPress Hosting
A fast site starts with fast hosting, these are the fastest hosts we’ve found & use ourselves

Our Done-For-You Site Speed Optimization Services

WordPress 3 pages website maintenance & Support Plans,
Includes speed optimization!
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Our WordPress Maintenance Service & Support Plans are designed from the ground up to have you loading lightning fast, pass Google’s Core Web Vitals, rank you higher and more customers
Core Web Vitals Optimization included
Hourly backups, daily WordPress patching, 24/7 uptime monitoring
High speed hosting included
SEO plugin best practices
DIY SEO Audit tools and recommendations built in
Monthly core web vitals speed reports (if your site has enough traffic to support them)
Add $10 to your package plain if the page limit exceeds 3.
PKR 45000
Advanced Core Web
Vitals Optimization
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Our Advanced Optimization Services specifically looks to optimize for Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics and is designed for small businesses looking to pass the core web vitals test.
sitewide optimization which is key for core web vitals
a focus on improving the key web vitals metrics, TTFB, FCP, LCP, CLS, FID & Javascript
best for established sites looking for a fix to core web vitals issues
PKR 95000/month
Site Speed
get Started
Our Site Speed Consultation is for sites that want to go as fast as absolutely possible or where some optimization has been done but it’s not enough. With this service we do an upfront audit and analytics, collate detailed recommendations and then schedule in a consult call to discuss in detail and plan the implementation with you.
upfront full site analysis and audit
detailed recommendations and action plan created before any implementation performed
consult call to discuss action items in detail
implementation can be done for you or done in conjunction with your team
best for sites that are well monetized and want to pass core web vitals too

50+ Websites Optimized

Our team specializes in the following types of websites



Lead Generation




Agencies & Digital Services

Website SPEED & Testimonials


How will we Optimize your WordPress Site?

We optimize the images on your web pages in a manner that doesn’t hamper the visual quality. We ensure that their resolution and size is the best fit for your website.
To reduce the CSS/JS delivery, we analyze which ones can be minimized while keeping all of the functions working properly on your website. Upon analysis, we minify the selected JS & CSS files.
We utilize the Gzip compression to reduce the overall size of your website and its various elements. Gzip is the most popular and effective compressing method.
We will help you set up a Content Delivery Network which will be helpful if you have a lot of daily visitors or a heavy website consisting of a lot of media.
We set up browser caching on your Website which ensures quick loading of web pages by saving a cached copy of your web page on the user’s browser.
If your hosting provider isn’t cutting the server response time, we’ll move your website to our fully managed WordPress hosting environment for free.
We thoroughly examine every page which needs to be optimized for speed and take out all the blank spaces, unnecessary characters, unused/duplicate scripts, etc.
DNS level firewall is exceptionally good at identifying genuine website traffic in contrast to bad requests and significantly helps reduce the load on your WordPress hosting server.
Cache-control header turns on client-side caching and sets the maximum age of a resource. Expires headers specify a point in time at which the resource shall no longer be valid.

WordPress Speed Optimization Process

Our developers will evaluate your existing WordPress website status and identify opportunities for improvement.
Once we’re done analyzing your WordPress website, we’ll share the analysis report with you that includes recommendations for improvement.
Depending on your WordPress site analysis and the recommendations, we’ll create a project implementation roadmap for speed optimization of your website.
Based on our findings and your budget, we’ll help you choose the pricing plan that is right for you. Every plan has its own advantages.
When we’re done with selecting the plan and discussing requirements, we’ll appoint a dedicated WordPress developer for your site optimization.
When we’re done with your WordPress performance optimization, we’ll share the improvement reports which will reflect data from poplar speed analysis tool pages for your website.

Without Internet Pages

SLOW LOADING times that frustrate users
LESS TRAFFIC which could be holding your business 
FEWER Return Visitors
LOWER Conversions
HIGH Bounce Rates

With Internet Pages

IMPROVED Customer Retention
FAST website that keeps users search engines 
INCREASE in traffic
INCREASED Conversions
LOWER Bounce Rates

Frequently Asked Queries

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How do I check my current website speed?

Here are some of the popular website speed test tools you can refer to:
GT Metrix
Google Pagespeed Insights
Web Page Test

How long will you take to optimize my website?

2-3 business days is our standard time required for site speed optimization. However, it can go up to 7 working days depending upon the complexity of the site. We make sure to keep our clients updated on the progress throughout this period.

Do you guarantee an improvement in my WordPress Website performance?

YES! We ensure to improve WordPress server response time by using a cache plugin. By doing performance tweaks, we can help you get huge improvement in the performance to make your website load faster, but there are other reasons for slow response time of ajax calls, backend etc. which can be due to low server configuration or lack of proper coding or both and it will require detailed analysis of server configuration and code. We can surely help you fix that too. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you a free consultation.

Why does my page speed change every time I check on some tools?

It is normal if your score changes within the range of 1-5 points as it may be due to server response time or third-party resources such as tracking snippets or ads. The correct way to know your page speed is to run the page speed test three times and then take the average score.

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